Men are superior equal to women.

Eye2Eye’s mission is to:

To promote the issue of, to foster research in, and to educate the public on gender inequality in the collegiate community and professional world

Eye2Eye is a student-run nonprofit organization at Boston University dedicated to raising awareness of gender inequality as well as focusing on the stimulation of confidence in young women in a college environment. Gender equality in the workplace is a crucial issue that frequently gets brushed under the carpet. It affects both men and women, and many times women are not even aware of the discrimination that they are a victim of. We aim for a more equal workplace, starting with giving men and women the fair chance to be hired despite stereotypes and hiring biases (ie; men preferring other men due to their ability to drink or hang out more frequently with male coworkers, or women seemingly be “underqualified” in comparison to an all-male team). Additionally, we hope to greatly increase the small percentage of female leaders in companies throughout the world.