Motherhood Penalty: Legislation and Science

By Tiffany Jeong In the 20th century after the suffragettes had met their goals, many women left the Feminist movement with the feeling that they had achieved equality. However, on the social front, women have yet to overcome the essentialist mentality that females are inherently less suited for professional careers than men. A recent survey conducted [...]

The Pay Gap in Sports

By Alanna McDonough-Rice In sports it is known that men’s sports make far more money than women’s sports. Since the beginning of time, players have fought to get better wages and better deals, but people have been putting women’s sports on the back burner for years. They think it won’t make money or have a [...]

Female Quality and Quantity Stagnant at Universities

By Nelly Nguyen There have been numerous studies done on gender equality across industries and countries; however, there aren’t many that focus on education, especially among universities. There is one that stands out in this category - “The Glass Door Remains Closed: Another Look at Gender Inequality in Undergraduate Business Schools” by Laura Marini Davis [...]